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A degree plus is a unique course granting the graduates a variety of professional certificates already during the degree studies. In the undergraduate degree in Law, the students will be able to attend a broad course in mediation at the end of which a professional graduation certificate will be granted which will provide them a clear advantage in labor market.

מיומנויות ניהול / תעודת דירקטורים / תעודת מנהיגות למנהלים: מסלול Executive

Directors Certificate

This certificate provides the skills required for the role of director and its various financial and legal aspects. The course will prepare participants to best understand the director's role in an optimal manner, and will be taught by the best lecturers in the field, led by Dr. Avi Weinroth and the CPA and Adv. Simcha Lev.

תעודת ניהול בינלאומי

International Management Certificate

Many management roles in the business environment today require a deep understanding of global management strategies. The International Management Program provides the knowledge, skills and tools required to effectively manage these roles from an international systemic perspective.

The program consists of two elective courses: “Global Management Strategies with emphasis on Luxury Brands”: The course will present challenges in international management, as well as global and dynamic management strategies and tools for international management. In this course, special emphasis will be placed on international management of luxury brands, presenting the global premium world in various fields and of key test events. In addition, the “Thought and Practice in Business in Contemporary China” course that addresses conducting business in China and with China, given China’s great importance in international trade and its cultural uniqueness. The course deals with various aspects of business management in China: construction of a business plan, economic reforms in China, cultural aspects of business management in China, procurement in China, and more.

תעודת פיתוח ההון האנושי בעידן החדש

Human Resources Development Certificate in the New Era

As part of the changes which are taking place in the world of work during the past decade, the organization's human resource management field is also changing.
In this program, you can choose two courses from Managerial Resilience, Psychological Aspects in Employees' Management in the new era, team management, and Diversity and Inclusion Management in Organizations.

The Corona year hastened and led to changes in work character and the relations system of workers and organizations. It is possible to choose two courses from Managerial Resilience, Psychological Aspects in Employees’ Management in the new era, team management, and Diversity and Inclusion Management in Organizations.

מנהלי מסחר אלקטרוני eCommerce / ניהול eCommerce

e-Commerce Management

The program aims to provide students with the tools and competencies needed for strategically managing the online sales platform suited for company needs. 

The program will address the customer journey process – from lead to purchase, presenting the technological and logistical tools from sale to supply.

תעודת חדשנות וניהול מיזמים

Innovation and Venture Management Certificate

The program deals with innovation and entrepreneurship, critical aspects of organizations’ ability to grow in the competitive age of the 21st century. 

The program includes two courses: Initiatives and growth, thinking outside of the box without getting out of it: Psychology of entrepreneurship.

פסיכולוגיה / תעודת ניהול הבינה העסקית למנהלים

Business Intelligence Certificate for Managers

The program studies one of the key areas of business today - the field of business intelligence and of massive data. The program studies how executives can use business intelligence and massive data to improve decision-making and maximize company profitability, based on information analysis and investigation and by formulating a management dashboard based on acceptable business metrics.

תעודת גישור מתקדם / תעודת מגשר

Mediation Diploma

The world of mediation has become an essential part of the business and legal world in the past decades. The Peres Academic Center Mediation Program, conducted together with Bar Siah, a company recognized by the Ministry of Justice.

aims to provide students a language, thinking habits, various negotiation techniques and practical tools for settling disputes and reaching accords.

Mediation, as a managerial tool, presents an organized set of stages, processes and skills that enable results.

The program includes comprehensive theoretical studies alongside practical experience through simulations and hands-on mediation processes as a neutral third party in the legal world and as a party in negotiating conflicts characteristic of business organizations. Students who meet program requirements, will be awarded an authorized mediator certificate from the Ministry of Justice.

תעודת אימון למנהלים

Personal Consulting for Managers

As part of the certificate's studies, participants will acquire management consulting and development skills. Participants will expand their professional toolbox with a variety of personal counseling and development tools, experimenting and practicing these skills while relying on up-to-date knowledge and research from the fields of psychology and management.

ניהול משאבי אנוש

HR Management

Human Resource management is among the main challenges facing companies in a growing global and technological world.

The Peres Academic Center HR Management program, conducted together with the HR Management Association whose members include most of the HR Managers in leading companies, providing students with a the tools and challenges facing HR Managers from the field. The course will address issues and challenges facing HR Managers and will provide students with extensive theoretical knowledge and understanding of effective managerial and practical tools in this interesting and dynamic field.

תעודת להיות מנכ

Certificate to become a CEO

The program deals with the construction of a theoretical and practical infrastructure for understanding the work of the CEO. 

The goal of the program is to provide a broad overview of the CEOs’ confrontation of daily dilemmas and situations, including strategic and tactical issues in the creation of strategies and vision, structural organizational change, creation of an inspirational organizational culture, multi-generational management, and in the management and incentive for employees.

מיומנויות ניהול / תעודת דירקטורים / תעודת מנהיגות למנהלים: מסלול Executive

Manager Leadership Certificate Executive Track

This program provides participating managers with a further focus and specific tools of senior management. The students will be trained toward optimal managerial development in their management career.

 This program consists of two dedicated and unique courses adapted to the students’ managerial background: A leadership workshop for managers and a course dealing with the challenges of managing an organization in various fields. This program is suited only for MBA students with proven managerial experience. Admission to the program is contingent upon completing an online registration form and a personal interview.

Executive management certificate in the world of high-tech

This certificate includes three courses: business entrepreneurship in the world of high-tech, mergers and acquisitions at technology companies, and a course on cyber management.

תעודת ניהול שיווק בכיר

Senior Marketing Management Certificate

The certificate includes the course of Being a VP Marketing, an advanced marketing management course.

The course aims to provide the most advanced tools to senior position holders in the worlds of marketing. The course will include lectures by senior VP’s Marketing who will present practical tools for leading strategic marketing measures.

ניהול למידה דיגיטלית בארגונים - בשיתוף חברת מתודיקה

Digital Learning Management in Organizations - In Cooperation with Methodica

Digital revolution in organizations is underway and with it grows the need for knowledge management and digital learning.

Under the program, students will acquire knowledge and tools related to digital learning management, and tools and methods for content development and digital content writing. The certificate is given in cooperation with the Methodica Company specializing in effective digital learning.

שיווק דיגיטלי / תעודת ניהול כלים טכנולוגיים בשיווק

Certificate in Technological Tools Management in Marketing

The marketing function is becoming increasingly important in the activities of each organization and in leading each organization to development, growth and success. 

Tools, skills, and marketing models have changed drastically over the last decade, and it is evident that the coming decades will bring with them significant transformations in this area. The Degree plus in technological tools management in marketing, aims to give students the language, tools and skills required in their roles as managers in the coming years. The Degree plus in technological tools management in marketing consists of three courses (of which two must be selected): digital transformation management, customer experience management, and media and community management.

תעודת ניהול חיובי: יישומים פסיכולוגיים בניהול

Positive Management Certificate Psychological Applications in Management

Studies prove that positive psychology and emotional intelligence play an important role in the success of managers and their ability to optimally navigate the organization.

Positive Management Plus Degree: Psychological applications in management will provide the understanding and tools for positive management through two courses in the field: Positive Psychology in Management and Emotional Intelligence and its Applications in the Labor World.

תעודת ניהול השקעות ופינטק

Investment Management Certificate

The Investment Management program provides an in-depth understanding of the various aspects of the investment world. Students will complete two courses in this program: Securities Analysis and Financial and Economic Risk Management.

תעודת ניהול אסטרטגי של מכירות וקבלת החלטות בשווקים בינלאומיים

Certificate of strategic sales management and decision making in global markets

The program trains and teaches participants to reach strategic decisions related to global sales and business development, placing an emphasis on B2B.

The program will include simulation and conduct analyses of business situations. The program was especially designed and developed for senior managers in international corporations who seek to lead processes of growth and change.

השתלבות בשוק העבודה

Human Resources Management Certificate

The field of human resources management in organizations is a critical area for the success of the organization. The Degree plus in human resources management will give students significant insight into the concepts, tools, and trends that characterize this field.

This Degree plus includes three important courses relating to human resources from different angles: human resources management, organizational learning and training, and strategic human resources management.

MentorsHR / פיתוח מיומנויות ניהוליות

Leadership and Management Certificate: Executive Track

This program gives executives and managers additional focus and specific tools in the area of senior executive management. This track, will qualify participants in optimal management development in managerial careers. This program includes two dedicated and unique courses tailored to the managerial background of participants: a Managers' Leadership Workshop and a course on organizational management challenges in various management areas. This program is only suitable for MBA graduates with proven managerial experience. Admission to the program is conditional on filling out an online registration form and a personal interview.

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