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A first degree in Behavioral Sciences deals with human research, personality, and environment, and grants knowledge and tools for a variety of professions under demand in the market in the fields of education, marketing, consulting, and management. The undergraduate degree also makes it possible to continue to numerous studies for a graduate degree.

The Western world in general and the state of Israel in particular, are in need of complex social organizational processes. Those processes create a need for graduates in the field of Behavioral Sciences who can serve as consultants and professionals reliable for the various aspects related to the human welfare in the educational system, his function is society, and his conduct at work

Studies format

Daily Morning / evening studies + one day of online setting

Studies duration

3 years, during the third year, field work twice a week starting dates

Starting dates

March 2023 | October 2023

What are the studies in the degree

The studies program in Behavioral Sciences concentrates subjects from three different fields of knowledge: Psychology, Sociology, and anthropology. The program concentrates on the comprehension of feelings, thinking processes, learning and development, as well as scientific pursuit of diagnostic procedures and treatment.

The program includes a broad exposure to academic research representing a wide range of scientific models and treatment approaches. Additionally, the students will experience the applied aspects of the psychology under settings such as mental health centers, psychological services (Educational Psychological Services), kindergartens, schools, special education settings, and homes for the elderly.

peres plus magazine - Advanced certificate studies combined with Degree

The course is in cooperation with the Adler Institute. The purpose of this course is to impart skills in mentoring psychoeducational groups and group guidance methods through theoretical material processing and acquire personal experience in guidance. The course is based on theoretical and practical knowledge of the subject.

What do you do with the degree

Undergraduates in Behavioral Sciences can find immediate employment upon graduation in the fields of human resources, group guidance, exceptional care guidance, personal training, and more.

The degree is intended for: Candidates wishing to integrate into consulting and management positions.
Employees of organizations, companies, and businesses wishing to advance at their employment place.
Candidates wishing to become professional in the field of psychology.

Student and graduates' stories

Despite my apprehensions regarding the undergraduate degree, I can say with confidence that I have made the best choice to study at Peres from the aspect of lecturers, standard and personal and warm treatment.

קים סאיג - סטודנטית שנה ג' לתואר ראשון במדעי התנהגות במרכז האקדמי פרס

Kim Saig

Third year student in Behavioral Sciences

Available for any question

The Peres Academic Center opened for me a variety of possibilities for integrating in academia, and amongst others I was fortunate to assist one of the lecturers as aa research assistant in the filed of psychology. This opportunity strengthened in me the desire and motivation to continue to an advanced degree in academia. 

חני שורץ - בוגרת תואר ראשון במדעי ההתנהגות וסטודנטית לתואר שני בפסיכולוגיה חינוכית במרכז האקדמי פרס

Hani Schwartz

Graduate of undergraduate studies in Behavioral Sciences and a student toward a graduate degree in Educational Psychology.

I made the choice to study at the "Peres Academic Center" because of an attractive studies program, not intensive, allowing me to work and combine my daily life in a calm manner. There is here an amazing support. There is always someone to turn to when reinforcement in material or anything else is needed.

חנה (נצ'ו) אימוני - בוגרת תואר ראשון במדעי ההתנהגות, המרכז האקדמי פרס

Hannah (Natshu) Imuni

Graduate of undergraduate studies in Behavioral Sciences.

Works in Neurofeedback therapy

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אייקון תנאי קבלה

Admission conditions to Behavioral Sciences [B.A.]

Entitled to register for the program are holders of a full matriculation certificate, or an equivalent certificate from abroad approved by the Ministry of Education, who meet the following conditions:

  •  Psychometric exam grade of 570 and above and a weighted matriculation grade of 80 and above.
  •  Candidates holding a matriculation certificate with a grade average of 90 and above will be admitted automatically without a psychometric exam.
  • Candidates entitled to a matriculation certificate holding a psychometric exam with a grade of 600 and above.
  • Candidates holding a full matriculation certificate with a grade average ranging between 85 and 90, without a psychometric exam, will be admitted under the following conditions:
    o A grade of 70 and above in 4 study units in English
    o A grade of 70 and above in 3 study units of mathematics
    *In this program there is a possibility of exceptional candidates in a scope of 10%, based on consideration of exceptional life circumstances.
  •  Candidates holding a full matriculation certificate, with an average grade of between 83 and 85 and without a psychometric exam, will be admitted to the regular course in a status of a student “On Condition” if they achieve a grade average of at least 75 during the first semester and will become “Ordinary” status students.
  • Candidates aged 30+ entitled to a matriculation certificate, who do not meet the above conditions and will successfully pass a personal interview at the Academic Center.
  • Candidates aged 30+ without an entitlement to a matriculation certificate but completed full 12 years of studies, will be admitted providing they successfully pass a preparatory course.

Upon registration, the candidate must submit the following documents:

  • An Israeli matriculation Certificate or alternatively a matriculation certificate by the Department for Evaluation of Degrees and Diplomas of the Ministry of Education.
  • Psychometric Exam Appendix
  • Completed registration forms
  • Photocopy of the Identification Certificate including its appendix
  • Two passport photographs
  • The tuition for the undergraduate studies

Questions and answers

The undergraduate degree in Behavioral Sciences grants its graduates a broad outlook in the filed of Social Sciences: occupation with the human soul, identification of his needs and coping with the various situations he encountered. The studies program of Behavioral Sciences is broad, and it deals with a wide variety of fields: development and guidance of work force, human resources management, and more. In addition, the degree serves a s a jumping board towards advanced degrees in a wide variety of fields.

The undergraduate degree in Behavioral Sciences has three courses of specialization: A specialization course in the field of human resources and organizational behavior, an expanded course in psychology and a specialization course in Dog Treatment.

A degree plus is a unique course granting a variety of professional certificates already during the degree studies. In the undergraduate degree in Behavioral sciences there is a variety of certificates give our graduates a clear advantage in labor market: Group Guiding Certificate, Dog Treatment Certificate, and Biofeedback certificate.

The degree Admission conditions are detailed here, however, Admission of exceptional candidates is possible to a scope of 10% based on consideration of exceptional life circumstances.

Three days, of which one days is online, in a day or night course at your choice.

Currently and until further notice on the subject, studies are conducted in a combined format: Frontal studies on campus are possible or learning online – at the student’s choice (except for specific courses). For complete information, leave your details and a studies consultant will contact you.

Indeed, most of our students successfully combine studies and work, so that practical experience can be gained already during the time of studies.

The Peres Academic Center operates a variety of internal and external scholarships plans on a voluntary base or on a socio-economic base, which assist many students in financing their studies towards a degree. You can read about those plans here.

Certainly. With the assistance of the Career Development Unit, the Center successfully places many graduates and students. The Career Development Unit grants a full cover: from the stage of curriculum vitae preparation to the placement stage.

The Peres Academic Center operates a program “Exceptional Students for Mitam” providing the participating students the tools to succeed in the Mitam test which is a prerequisite for Admission to a graduate degree in psychology. The program includes advanced courses in statistics and English and a special scholarships plan. All details can be found here.

10 Shimon Peres Street Rehovot. Ere are the ways to reach us also by public transportation.

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