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A degree plus is a unique course granting the graduates a variety of professional certificates already during the degree studies. In the undergraduate degree in Law, the students will be able to attend a broad course in mediation at the end of which a professional graduation certificate will be granted which will provide them a clear advantage in labor market.

Real Estate and Mortgage Consulting

Over the past decade, many private investors, investment companies, and institutional investors have increased their investment in yielding and other real estate assets around the world. The real estate sector has taken a major segment of every investment portfolio.

The Peres Academic Center Plus Degree in Real Estate and Mortgage Consulting provides an entrance ticket into this fascinating world. Students will conduct an in-depth study of the real estate industry in Israel and worldwide, getting to know its unique terms and characteristics. The students will later be introduced to the world of mortgages, acquiring theoretical and practical experience in real estate and mortgages, as well as practical tools for analyzing mortgage portfolios and professionally accompanying families and investors seeking to invest in real estate.

Logistics and Procurement

Logistics is one of the fastest-growing areas of the last decade. 

Industry, commerce and services companies have massively integrated online commerce, led by retail giants Amazon, Alibaba and others. This revolution has greatly emphasized the importance of the logistics field, since to remain competitive, companies need to build an elaborate logistics system that will deliver a product or service cheaply, quickly and reliably. The Corona epidemic has greatly accelerated the process and the need for experts in procurement and logistics and the supply chain. The Logistics plus Degree Program at the Peres Academic Center, in cooperation with the industry’s leading companies, aims to provide students with knowledge, understanding and give practical tools in important areas of logistics management, such as purchasing, transportation, management, logistics centers, import-export, projects management and the supply chain.

Financial Education

Today, in the aftermath of the Corona crisis, proper financial conduct within the household is of the utmost importance. In recent years, managing household economics has become a more professional and sophisticated endeavor, adopting tools and terms from the business world.

The program is jointly conducted by the Pa’amonim Organization and Peres Academic Center for Financial Education, providing students with know-how and tools for developing financial skills and competencies, both on the personal and family levels. In addition, the course raises awareness to proper budget planning and management on the path to financial freedom and economic growth. Students who meet program requirements will be awarded a diploma and be able to continue to the Pa’amonim hands-on family accompaniment program in their area, together with a veteran Pa’amonim instructor.

Mediation Diploma

The world of mediation has become an essential part of the business and legal world in the past decades. The Peres Academic Center Mediation Program, conducted together with Bar Siah, a company recognized by the Ministry of Justice.

aims to provide students a language, thinking habits, various negotiation techniques and practical tools for settling disputes and reaching accords.

Mediation, as a managerial tool, presents an organized set of stages, processes and skills that enable results.

The program includes comprehensive theoretical studies alongside practical experience through simulations and hands-on mediation processes as a neutral third party in the legal world and as a party in negotiating conflicts characteristic of business organizations. Students who meet program requirements, will be awarded an authorized mediator certificate from the Ministry of Justice.

Graduate of the international sales program (ITS)

The international sales program (ITS) is jointly operated by the Peres Academic Center and the Iannarino Sales Accelerator named after Anthony Iannarino - among the world’s leading sales gurus who consults many international companies. 

The program will teach students how to sell their ideas, harness others and persuade, cope with resistance and lead change with managers, individuals and organizations. The program will provide students with theoretical know-how and practical tools for utilizing various strategies and sales methods in the global age. Program graduates who pass the certification exam, will be granted an international diploma, jointly awarded by the Peres Academic Center and Iannarino in the U.S.

מנהלי מסחר אלקטרוני eCommerce / ניהול eCommerce

Electronic Commerce Managers - eCommerce

The program aims to provide students with the tools and competencies needed for strategically managing the online sales platform suited for company needs. The program will address the customer journey process - from lead to purchase, presenting the technological and logistical tools from sale to supply.

שיווק דיגיטלי / תעודת ניהול כלים טכנולוגיים בשיווק

Digital Marketing Graduate

Over the past decades, marketing has been revolutionized as a majority of the marketing activities and sales efforts shifted from commercial media channels (radio/television/journalism) to the Internet and social networks.

The high demand for skilled and professional digital experts who can take key positions is continuously growing. The digital marketing track provides students with extensive theoretical knowledge relating to the dynamic world of digital marketing. In addition, the program will provide students with practical tools for website construction and promotion, as well as the development of a marketing program dedicated to the digital and social network arena. Program graduates will be able to find positions in this lucrative and dynamic field.

מנהלי מותג / התמחות בשיווק

Brand Managers

The Corona pandemic and the political/social/economic crisis, in Israel and worldwide, have enhanced the understanding that one of the most efficient tools held by organizations and companies coping with risks and market fluctuations, is the brand. 

Large brands build their brand value in times of crisis. They stand out by examining how their brand can be useful during a crisis. They invest in their customers, employees, suppliers and distributors. The Peres Academic Center Brand Management program provides theoretical and practical tools for coping with the challenges relating to developing, leveraging, protecting, and retaining strong and effective brands, both in the commercial business world and in the political world.

ניהול משאבי אנוש

HR Management

Human Resource management is among the main challenges facing companies in a growing global and technological world.

The Peres Academic Center HR Management program, conducted together with the HR Management Association whose members include most of the HR Managers in leading companies, providing students with a the tools and challenges facing HR Managers from the field. The course will address issues and challenges facing HR Managers and will provide students with extensive theoretical knowledge and understanding of effective managerial and practical tools in this interesting and dynamic field.

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