Graduate Degree Curricula and Programs

The Peres Academic Center offers three graduate degree tracks, offering flexible and unique curricula, leading academic staff, professional diplomas granted during studies and tracks accompanied by senior players in the economy.

MA in Organisational Consulting and Development

The Master's degree in Organizational Consulting opens doors to senior positions in organizations and serves as a basis for a career as a self-employed consultant in this ever-developing field.

The degree is multidisciplinary and provides tools and skills in the wide range of topics currently required by those providing consulting services to companies and organizations.

Practical Curriculum
Unique and convenient study track
Leading Lecturers in the Field
Degree plus
New! High-tech management and recruiting course, in partnership with Jolt
MentorsHR Mentor Programs
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MA in Educational Psychology

Educational Psychology is a prestigious branch of psychology, which over recent years has regained its previous standing. Not only does the degree open the door to a steady career, rather also provides a wide range of tools and skills in the field of education, learning disabilities, and early childhood that will allow practitioners to bring about change in society.

A team of front line lecturers led by Prof. Malka Margalit, winner of the Israel Award in Educational Research
Unique and convenient study track
Practical Curriculum
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Master in Business Administration

The Master's degree in Business Administration is designed to provide its graduates with tools that will prepare them for senior management positions in private businesses and in public organizations. The program is suitable for Bachelor’s degree holders, interested in expanding their knowledge and skills in strategic business administration.

Plus Degree
New! High-tech management skills course, in partnership with Jolt
Evening classes
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