Academic Preparatory Program for Students 30+

The preparatory program is intended for students 30+ who do not have a matriculation diploma.

The preparatory program reflects another step taken by the Peres Academic Center to promote higher education and enable equal opportunities toward acquiring an education at any age and in all social spheres.

According to guidelines set forth by the Council for Higher Education, those seeking to enroll in undergraduate studies must first participate in and successfully complete the five preparatory courses in: English, Academic Literacy, Mathematics, Computer Basics and Government in Israel.

Program courses:

Enrollment Information

When enrolling, candidates must submit the following documents:

Preparatory program tuition

For updated information, please call *9165

Tuition arrangements

Cancellation Notice

Study Freeze

Students wishing to freeze their studies for a year will submit a written request to the academic secretariat. The request will be discussed with the program head.

Renewing Studies

Students whose freeze request was approved and who wish to resume their studies, will contact the academic secretariat in writing. Upon approval, students will be subject tot he academic requirements and monetary arrangements relevant to the year in which studies are resumed.

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