About the Peres Academic Center

The Peres Academic Center is a unique institution in the Israeli academic landscape – a leader in academic excellence and in the manner in which it supports its students on a personal basis right up until they embark on their career. The Center offers unique, flexible study programmes, a superb academic staff, and aspires to offer a warm home to the 4,000 students that study there. The unique campus, which is equipped with cutting-edge classrooms and equipment, boasts a superior academic staff, courses accompanied by leading Israeli companies, professional certificates awarded over the course of the degree programme, honour programmes, etc. The Center offers programmes that are varied and tailor-fit to the students’ needs, so that those who choose to do so, can continue to develop their career over the course of their studies.

Professor Ron Shapira

Rector, Peres Academic Center

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The Peres Academic Center is based on an academic and educational vision outlined at its establishment by its founders.
Striving for excellence, not only in research but in education and in human values and ethics, is the basis of this vision. Read more

Ofra Elul

Founder and Director of the Peres Academic Center

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The Peres Academic Center would never have been established had I not met the President of the Israel, the late Shimon Peres.
In one of our encounters, I told Shimon about my dream as a lifelong educator, to establish a different kind of academic institution. More social-minded, more personal, the kind that would be attentive to each and every student and would realize that each of them has something unique to offer that no one else has. Read more

Professor Amos Drory

The President of the Peres Academic Center

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The Peres Academic Center opened its doors as an Israeli academic institution in August 2006, in response to socio-economic needs in Israel.
The Center currently offers bachelors’ and masters’ degrees in the following areas: Read more
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