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The Peres Academic Center Ltd.(CIC) (hereinafter: "The Center") respects the privacy of the Center's site (hereinafter: "the Users" or the "Site," as applicable).
The conditions detailed in this Privacy Declaration list the privacy policy applied in the Site by the Center and or anyone on its behalf operating the Site (hereinafter: "Site Operators").
When using the Site or providing personal data, the Site user consents that the Center will use the data following this privacy declaration.
The privacy policy on the Site is phrased in the masculine for convenience purposes only but refers to both men and women.

Providing personal data

Some Site services require registration and delivery of personal information, including name and contact information (telephone, e-mail address). The mandatory fields will be explicitly marked. There is no legal obligation to provide the information; however, without providing it, those services cannot be provided.

Databases and security assurance

Information provided by the Site user upon registration on the Site to receive services and any other information he will give later, as required in reference and according to the service type, as well as any data collected about the user when he uses the Site, will be stored on the Center's database. The Site Operators will use the information following the Law's provisions and per this privacy policy.
Each user declares and hereby undertakes that all the information he provided and/or that he will provide is correct, dependable, and accurate and that he registered and/or delivered the information in his name and for him alone and not in the name and/or on behalf of third parties.
The Site Operators are implementing the Site data protection systems. While those systems limit the risk of unauthorized penetration into the Site computers, they do not provide absolute security. Therefore, the Site Operators are not undertaking that the services on the Site and/or the databases are absolutely immune against unauthorized access to the stored information. If you are apprehensive about certain information, please avoid transferring this information via the Internet.

Use of the information

Upon the Site use, information regarding the users may accumulate with the Site Operators, including surfing habits on the Site, the viewed pages, proposals, and services he was interested in, the location of the computer used for the Site surfing, monitoring of the pages from which the surfers will conduct phone conversations to the Center, and more. The Site Operators will keep the information confidential. The use of this information, as well as other information provided by the users, will be following the privacy policy or the provisions of any Law and for the purposes detailed below: If necessary, contact the user in the framework of his activity on the Site or manage his request.
To allow the user to use the Site services and content offered.
To improve and enrich the services and content provided on the Site, including creating new services and content that fit the Site users' requirements and expectations and changing or canceling existing services and content. The data serving the Site Operators for this purpose will be mainly statistical data that does not identify the users in person.
For the normal operation and development of the Site.

Use of the database

The Site Operators are obligated to act following the Privacy Protection Law 5741 - 1981. Under this Law, every person is entitled to consider the information about him stored in the database. A person who viewed the information about him and found it wrong, incomplete, unclear, or not updated is entitled to turn to the Site Operator with a request to correct the information or erase it. If the database owner refuses to fulfill this request, he must inform the applicant in the manner and way determined by the Law. The refusal by the database owner to allow the review and the refusal notice to correct or erase the information entitles the person asking for the data to appeal to the Magistrate Court in the manner and way determined in the Law.

Information delivery to a third party

The Center will be entitled to forward to any third party the personal data of a user, including any information collected about him during his Site use, in each of the following cases:
For purposes of analysis, control, and data processing about the surfing habits of the Site users and/or to receive the services the user has ordered or signed for on the Site, which can be fully or partially by third parties. In those cases, the information those third parties need to provide the relevant services and to maintain touch with the user will be forwarded to the third parties. The Site Operators are not responsible for any use made by those third parties of any information about the user sent to them by the Site Operators. It is clarified that this privacy declaration by the Center will not apply to those third parties.
If the user violates the Site using conditions.
If the Center receives a judicial order instructing it to deliver the user's information or information about a third-party user.
In any dispute, argument, claim, or legal proceedings, if there are any, between the user and the Site Operators.
In any case where the Site Operators will face a threat that legal actions will be initiated against them (criminal or civil) due to actions made by a Site user.
In any case in which the Site Operators will think that providing the information is necessary to prevent severe damage to the user or any third party.
Suppose the Site Operators receive an argument or complaint that the user has violated any Law, including the performance of a wrong or an offense contrary to the Slander Laws, Privacy Protection Laws, Intellectual Property Laws, Penal Code, or Commercial Wrongs Laws, in such case. In that case, the Site Operators are entitled to deliver information about the user to the party arguing that he was harmed or under instructions of the judicial order.

Sending of advertising material

The Center is entitled to send advertisements and marketing content to the user who agreed to receive promotions and marketing material by fax, automatic dialing system, electronic message or SMS, subject, amongst others, to the provisions of Amendment 40 of the Communication Law (Bezeq and Broadcasting), 5768 – 2008, that deals with the sending of advertising material through a Bezeq installation.
A user not interested in receiving additional information on products and services provided by the Center, as stated above, can at any time apt to remove himself from the mailing list upon the receipt of the information by applying to the Registration Department by e-mail


The Site Operators may use Cookies for the current and normal operation of the Site, including a collection of statistical data regarding the Site's usage, verification of details, adapting the Site content to users' personal preferences, and for data protection needs.
Cookies are text files the users' browser creates under command by the Site computers. Some Cookies will expire when the browser is closed; others will be stored on the user's computer hard disk. The Coolies may contain various information such as the pages visited by the user, the duration of his stay on the Site, from where the surfer arrived at the Site, departments and information asked to be seen upon entry to the Site, and more. Additionally, Cookies also identify the user and make the surfer's information redundant whenever he visits the Site or the departments where it is required. The Cookies' information is secret, and the Site Operators apply safety rules to ensure that the obtained information following the Site's use will not reach any third party except them; however, it is unable to undertake that this will not occur.
It should be noted that a possibility exists to avoid receiving Cookies by changing definitions on the user's computer browser. To do this, consult the "Help File" of the browser. Each user is entitled to erase the Cookies on their computer at any time, at their discretion. However, erasing the Cookies may prevent the possibility of using the Site or other Internet sites.

Other sites

The Site contains links to other sites. Clicking on those links will connect the users to other sites, which may collect information about you of your will or through Cookies or other technological means. The Center has no control of those other sites and, in any way, bears no responsibility regarding the collection of personal information of the users by the operators of those other sites and how it may be used. The users must check the privacy policy of those other sites and decide whether to use those other sites and, if so – how.

Changes to the privacy policy

The Site Operators are entitled from time to time to alter the provisions of this Privacy Policy Declaration at its sole discretion.

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