Adi Itzkin

Adi Itzkin

A business and organizational consultant as well as an academic lecturer on management and organizational consulting at the Open University and the Peres Academic Center.

Adi has a wealth of knowledge in assisting businesses, companies, and chains in the retail, foodstuff, commerce, and service sectors. As part of providing consulting and support, Adi specializes in streamlining, developing, and implementing work processes: sales and customer service, corporate culture, training and qualification mechanisms, communications and coordination, executive training, recruitment, and worker assessments and direction.

Her main specialty lies in franchising and in consulting for chains and businesses in the foodstuff and retail sectors.

Adi holds a MBA in Business Administration, specializing in Organizational Theory (including a thesis in Behavioral Economics and Social Psychology) as well as a Bachelor’s in Sociology and Anthropology with studies in Business Administration and Economics from Ben Gurion University.

Areas of study: Organizational theory, learning and training at organizations, career management, human resources managements, incentives and bonuses at organizations, organizational decision-making, organizational leadership, corporate culture, and a practicum in organizational consulting.