Michal Einav, PhD

Michal Einav, PhD

Only in the dark can the stars be seen

Dr. Martin Luther King

Senior Lecturer, Clinical Psychologist Specialist and Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the School of Behavioral Sciences. Holds a PhD (2005) in Social-Clinical-Research Psychology, and a Master's (2000) in Clinical Psychology. Dr. Einav is a specialist psychologist with extensive experience in therapeutic work in a dynamic-relational method with children, adolescents and young adults in the areas of depression, anxiety, coping with trauma and difficulties in social skills. Expert and researcher in the fields of family dynamics, parent-child relationships, diagnosis and psycho-diagnostic assessment. The main areas of teaching and research focus on the areas of personal development, family relationships, psycho-diagnostic assessment of mental illness and disorders, methods of treating the impact of trauma on mental resources. She was elected head of a teaching committee.

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Areas of study: Psychodiagnostics, Parity and Parenting, Hope