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10 Shimon Peres Street Rehovot. Ere are the ways to reach us also by public transportation.

Indeed, in most courses there is a possibility for a fast track for an undergraduate and a graduate degree in only 4 years – In Business Administration (MBA) or in Organizational Consulting and Development.

Certainly. Assisted by the Career Development Unit, the Center succeeds with the placement of many students and graduates.
The Career Development Unit provides complete coverage starting with the curriculum vitae preparation stage to the placement stage. The service is provided to the students and our graduate for no cost.

As students, occasionally you may face a studies challenge, an emotional difficulty of a need for assistance by the Center. Exactly for this purpose was the Reut Center established. The main purpose of the Center is to provide a unique support mantle needed by the student to exhaust his unfulfilled potential. The Center constitutes an active body assisting all the Peres Academic Center students From the enrollment stage, thru the studies period, to the studies completion and integration in the labor market.

The Peres Academic Center operates a variety of internal and external scholarship programs on a voluntary basis or based of socio-economic condition assisting many students with the financing of their degree studies. You can read about all the programs here.

Indeed, there is! During the undergraduate studies of Business Administration, a Level-up program exists allowing the students practical experience in leading organizations in the industry, already during the studies, to create contact with leaders in industry and experience practical work. Among the companies participating in the program are Osem, Ahava, DHL, Tnuva, Israel Electric Corporation and more.

Additionally, in the graduate studies in Organizational Consulting and Development there is a practicum program, allowing student to experience in consulting work, and exercise in practice all the professional and interpersonal skills they acquired during their studies. The practicum take place in various market leading companies such as, the Golf Group, Adika, Rami Levy Hashikma Marketing Group, Fox Group and more.

Additionally, the School of Law includes six legal clinics providing legal assistance to judges and disadvantaged populations. The clinics enable the students a firsthand and direct practical legal work. The clinics include, advocation clinic, assistance with the Execution Office, civil legal assistance and human rights, assistance for judges, and more.

Indeed, in most study courses, evening studies are possible, and most of our students successfully combine studies and work, and this way, practical experience can be gained already during the studies.

Currently, and until further notice on the subject, the studies are conducted in a combined format: frontal studies on the campus or online studies, at the student’s choice (except for specific courses). For complete information, leave your details and a studies consultant will contact you.

Admission conditions vary according to the course of studies. A complete description is available on the degree pages on the site; however, exceptions to candidates’ admission conditions are possible, in a scope of up to 10% based on consideration of exceptional life circumstances.

Companies Course” is an innovative studies program accompanied by seniors from the leading companies in the market, and it provides practical knowledge and true tools which will make you fall in love with your career. In the undergraduate studies in Business Administration, the students will attend full courses provided by seniors form the following organizations, UMD Advertising Agency, Ayalon Insurance Company, Purchasing and Logistics Managers Association in Israel, and more.

The Peres Academic Center is the academic institution in Israel offering courses of study with assured work. The graduates of the undergraduate degree in Business Administration in the Digital Marketing course of studies and the graduates of Cyber and Data Protection Course of studies in the undergraduate degree in Managerial Information Systems receive a contractual obligation of work in hi-tech upon graduation.

Degree Plus is a unique course of studies that grants professional certificates already during the studies for the degree without any additional cost. The Center provides a wide variety of professional certificates in selected study fields such as a Mediation Certificate during Law undergraduate studies, Digital Marketing in Business Administration, Information Systems Development Certificate during the undergraduate studies of Managerial Information Systems Management, and more. You can find the complete list of certificates

Eleven study programs exist in the Peres Academic Center: eight for an undergraduate degree, and three for a graduate degree.

The fields of study for the undergraduate degree are Business Administration, Law, Health Systems Administration, Nutrition Sciences, Behavioral Sciences, Managerial Information Systems, Human Resources Management, and a dual-major in Behavioral Sciences and Business Administration.

The course of studies for the graduate degree are in Business Administration (MBA), Organizational Consulting and Development, and Educational Psychology.

The Peres Academic Center is a unique Institution in the Israeli academic landscape, located in Rehovot. The Center leads in its academic excellence with an emphasis on connection with industry and career, it is a home for about 6,500 students for undergraduate and graduate degrees. The Center offers unique study programs and exceptional academic faculty. On the unique campus, offering state-of-the-art equipment and classrooms, you will find a top leading faculty, study courses offering professional certificates already during the studies, learning tracks accompanied by seniors from leading companies on the market, special programs for the excellent, and more.

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When sending this form, I confirm the receipt of information about the lectures, updates, publications, benefits, and degrees from the Peres Academic Center via e-mails and/or text messages and/or by phone conversations. You can remove your details from the mailing list and/or the marketing promotion list, through a conversation, at any time.