Asaf Gabizon

Asaf Gabizon

At the end of all ends - that is, at the beginning of all beginnings - the topic of the law and the topic of the interests and the rights where the individual..

Mishael Cheshin, Justice

To me, this sentence sums up the profession of an attorney, which is one of the most fascinating and challenging to exist in the world.

Beyond all interests and emotions, the legal process places the human person at its very center. That person could be your client, the other party, the other party’s attorney, a witness at the stand - all these individuals are human beings and it behooves us to recall this fact every hour of every day.

A member of the Israel Bar Association since 1999. Assaf owns a law firm which specializes in civil, commercial, and real estate law. He has a wealth of experience in managing civil and commercial litigation files in the various courts. Assaf, a lecturer in Law, teaches a course on professional ethics and the sources of the law as well as founding workshops and practical simulations in civil law. He has acted as plaintiff on behalf of the Israel Bar Association in major cases.

Areas of study: Professional ethics