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The Dean of Students
Orli Bitton
Phone: 08-9378952

Reception hours
Reception hours
Sunday 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM
Monday 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Wednesday 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM
Friday 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Building B, 5th floor, Reut Center

Reut Center: your home on campus

As students, you may sometimes encounter academic challenges, emotional difficulties, or the need for organizational assistance. This is precisely why Reut Center was established. Reut Center believes that by listening to the students’ needs, and providing them with suitable professional guidance from academic staff members and other professionals, any student can realize their inherent abilities, and successfully deal with the high demands of academic studies. The Center’s main purpose is providing students with a unique assistance program according to their needs, to realize their hidden potential and create an enriching and constructive academic experience. The Center serves as an active entity, providing assistance to all students in Peres Academic Center, from the stage of registration, throughout their course of studies, and until graduation and integration into the employment world.

Assistance is provided while maintaining confidentiality***

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Reut Center Team

Meetings can be scheduled by email, or by phone 08-9378952

The Center’s activities

Below is a list of the services provided by Reut Center:

Personal guidance

When encountering any academic or other difficulty, students may request to schedule a personal meeting to talk about any issue with one of Reut Center’s staff members, who will refer them to the relevant entity, according to their needs.

You may contact us about any issue, starting from questions concerning studies, research, assignment preparation, adjustments in exams, dealing with test anxiety, or any other issue.

Solutions provided by the Center include the use of learning and accessibility technologies, educational assessments, assistance with exhaustion of rights with various authorities, and workshops for improving your learning strategies.

Help lessons

Reut Center assists individuals, groups, and classes in receiving help and study hours with various course lecturers. The service is provided both as help for course subjects requiring additional exercise, and as preparation for exams. Reut Center offers three help lesson programs:
1. “One on one” – individual study hours with a lecturer.
2. “One on group” – group study with a lecturer in a subject requiring additional exercise.
3. “One on class” – review and exercise lessons for the whole class in view of exams.

Academic assistance is determined according to the student’s, the group’s, and/or the class’s needs.

Enrichment workshops all the way to graduation and beyond

In order to empower students, enrich their academic experience, provide learning tools and skills, and develop careers after graduation, the Center holds a variety of workshops in different areas, such as: learning skills and strategy development, time management, dealing with test anxiety, and more.

Occupational guidance

Reut Center’s Career Development and Management Unit walks Peres Academic Center students through the process of successful integration into the employment market.
The unit’s services focus on five main aspects:
1. Workshops providing students with the skills required for integrating into the employment market
2. Enrichment workshops for integrating into the employment market
3. A facilitation program for the internship stage
4. Spotlight meet-ups
5. Occupational consulting – personal occupational guidance for integrating into the employment market.

Educational assessments

The Center provides educational assessments by Ms. Ronit Mandelblit, a certified educational evaluator and learning strategy teacher.


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