Zehava Waizer

Zehava Waizer

The young person’s eyes are healthier, but the old man sees better

Henrietta Szold

M.A. - Sociology of Health Bar Ilan University, certified mediator. Lecturer at the seminars of the Ministry of Public Health of Russian Federation. Until 2017, National Head Nurse Service for Senior Citizens - Ministry of Welfare.

Permanent member of the National Geriatrics Council. Co-authored researches, led writing professional and regulatory procedures and guidelines in national programs that contributed to ensuring quality and safety of care, living and housing conditions of senior citizens in institutions and community, quality of services and health care decision-making processes. Interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary scientific cooperation at the national level among all factors, administrative and academic which are about optimization and improvement of services, patient-therapist relations, ethical dilemmas, rights, third-age issues, restructuring, budgeting and prioritization, institutional and community care continuum. Research about “De-Institutionalization”, examining the aspects of meeting and adapting an elderly population with stigmatized social backgrounds.

Areas of study: Gerontology