Hana Ben-Zion

Hana Ben-Zion

Be cautious in judgment, establish many pupils, and make a safety fence around the Torah.

Pirkei Avot (Ethics of the Fathers), Chapter 1, Mishna 1

Hana Ben-Zion is a senior expert educational psychologist. Hana teaches ethics to MA educational psychology students at Peres Academic Center. Hana has managed the Educational Psychology Services in the city of Arad for 20 years, including the training of educational psychologists. She was a member of the steering team of the Psychological and Counseling Services Department (Shefi) Institute of Advanced Educational Psychology Studies. She established the Shefi Forum of Ethics. She was a member of the Israel Psychological Association (IPA)’s Ethics Committee, and later on served as its chair. She took part in the formulation of Shefi and IPA position papers, and took part in the formulation of the Professional Ethical Code of Psychologists in Israel (2017). Hana is a member of Court Administration prisoner release committees, the Ministry of Social Services intellectual developmental disability diagnosis committee, as well as Ministry of Education adjustment and appeal committees for Bagrut exam adjustments. She is a member on the Ministry of Health’s Psychologists Disciplinary Tribunal on behalf of the Psychologists Council.

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Areas of study: Ethics in psychology