Dr. Hili Kohavi

Dr. Hili Kohavi

Life is meaningful only on condition that creativity is part of the individual's life experience. When one lives a creative life, he discovers that everything he does reinforces his sense of being alive and true to himself.

D.W. Winnicott

Dr. Hili Kohavi is an expert educational psychologist, with a PhD in Psychology, and an MA in Child Psychology, both from Tel Aviv University.
Lecturer at the Peres Academic Center in several graduate courses in educational psychology. Dr. Kohavi deals with the development of parenting, on many of its aspects: normative aspects of parenting, parenting challenges and coping, and more. She also deals with treating children's anxieties. As part of her professional pursuits, Kohavi is committed to making psychological knowledge accessible to the general public. She wrote, together with Prof. Amiram Raviv, the book "The Israeli Guide to Parents" – a guidance book intended for parents of children from birth to age six. Dr. Kohavi worked for many years as a psychologist in the psychological-educational service in Tel Aviv. She has a private clinic in Neve Monosson, where she mainly deals with therapeutic work with parents.

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Areas of study: Parenting and Therapeutic Work with Parents, Practical Course of the MA Program In educational psychology.