Dr. Asaf Sharabi

Dr. Asaf Sharabi

Man is an animal suspended in webs of significance he himself has spun

Clifford Geertz

Dr. Asaf Sharabi is a senior lecturer in the School of Behavioral Sciences at the Peres Academic Center. He obtained his doctorate in social anthropology in 2010 from Bar Ilan University. His research interests include anthropology and sociology of religion, ritual healing, anthropology of gods, anthropology of Hinduism, and anthropology of Judaism. He has done ethnographic fieldwork in both Israel and India (Western Himalayas). In 2021, his research "Gods and goddesses in the Western Himalayas - a comparative ethnographic research" won a research grant from the Israel Science Foundation (ISF).

Areas of Study: Introduction to Anthropology, Introduction to Sociology, Anthropology and Sociology of Religion, Israeli Society 

Areas of study: Social anthropology, introduction to sociology, Israeli society, religion and society, qualitative research methods