Undergraduate degree in Business Administration combined with Digital Marketing Studies

Undergraduate degree in Business Administration with a certificate in Social Media and Digital Marketing Management
A future of management in hi-tech with a guaranteed job

Want to study digital marketing? Unable to decide between diploma and degree studies? The Peres Academic Center offers a unique program that combines and undergraduate Business Administration program with Digital studies. This program will provide you the advantage of an academic degree alongside a professional specialty in a highly sought-after field and a contractual commitment of employment.


Track Advantages

  • A future of management in a digital profession with a guaranteed job - a contractual commitment to a job in hi-tech

  • Undergraduate studies combined with a diploma in digital studies for a significant advantage in the labor market.

  • The track provides all of the topics relevant to formulating and specifying a marketing strategy and executing online marketing and advertising at the highest level.

  • The most comprehensive and up-to-date track for online marketing that will prepare you to work in the new world.

  • Certification upon graduation - “Social Media and Digital Marketing Manager”.

  • Exclusive to this track! An E-commerce workshop for digital marketers + comprehensive preparation for the Google and Facebook certification exams.

  • A practical final project that provides knowledge, experience and a hands-on introduction to real clients.

Track Courses

The curriculum consists of required courses taken from the Business Administration program, combined with courses unique to the digital track. The curriculum includes the following courses and subjects

Preparation for the Google Adwords certification exam

Google’s sponsored advertising is the most important, comprehensive and significant tool of online advertising and marketing. This course will present exercises and provide preparation for the Google Adwords certification exam (basics, search network and media network). In addition, students will learn how to work with the Google system and Google Tag Manager Editor.

Social Networks

The highlight of online marketing and advertising is no doubt the social networks. As part of the course, students will learn all that is needed to understand the field and for proper marketing and advertising on the leading social networks: Facebook, Google, YouTube, Instagram, Taboola, Outbrain and more.

SEO + promoting virtual stores

Search Engine Optimization through organic marketing The world of SEO is very important to any site owner, as every website – impressive as it may be – cannot appear in the results of search engines, such as Google, unless it adapts to the search engine algorithms, which change almost daily.

Google Analytics and Mobile Management and Promotion

Digital professionals consume and process all of the information available on their websites (number of users, visit origins, viewed pages, stay times, conversion rates, and more). The aim is to maximize their marketing, advertising and sales potential. To this end, it is important to learn how to work with Google Analytics in the most professional and comprehensive manner. The analyst is among the most substantial professions in the digital field, based mostly if not completely on data.

WordPress HTML + CSS and Website Construction within the System

To be promoted, marketed and advertised with all of the tools studied throughout the program. In addition, students will learn how to work with servers, site builders and designers. Throughout the course, you will specify and construct a private image website of your own within the system.

Mobile Site Management and Promotion

Smartphones have long since gained momentum, leading to an increase in mobile advertising, where more and more people seek businesses, products, applications and services on their mobile compared to the searches we have growth accustomed to on PC’s and laptops. In this track, students will learn about mobile marketing and advertising methods, including organic and financed promotion for the mobile world and application marketing – ASO.

Copywriting and User Experience (UX)

Marketing requires extensive creative writing, copywriting for the website and throughout the web and writing focused and creative content for social networks, and more. To this end, students will be provided useful tips for proper writing, how to think “out of the box” and operate as a copywriter toward producing marketing content and maximizing online marketing efforts. User Experience (UX) – The module will introduce students to methods for optimally constructing websites, emphasizing the user experience – proper specification, site design, banners, etc.

Enrichment Lectures

E-commerce Workshop for Digital Marketers

Opening a virtual store for online e-commerce is simple today, thanks to changes in consumer habits that are becoming more and more digital. This module will teach you how to construct a professional virtual store using Amazon/Shopify/Ebay, how to work with suppliers, proper logistic operation, product pricing, competitor analysis, international shipping and platform updates and operation. Differentiation and creating a winning business plan and marketing the store through various methods studied throughout the training program

A wide variety of guest lectures

Guest lectures by leading speakers of Israel’s digital industry as part of the HackerU Live program (content is usually broadcast live on the social network).

Affiliate Program

The Internet affiliate programs offer business owners (the sellers) and site owners (the distributors) an additional, broad and worthwhile option for advertising and market, as they utilize various Affiliate Program platforms where users can find many products and services of the intended sellers as they are advertised and sold by various distributors online. Every sale or lead will generate a monetary reward both for the distributors and for the brokerage company. One can achieve high distribution rates and revenues by participating in affiliate programs, especially after studying the secrets of online marketing.

Google AdSense

Website construction and promotion sets the field for another stage of advertising through the Google Adwords system. Google’s advertising network enables site owners to sell ad space on their sites by displaying text messages, banners and clips, and to earn money from every click. Students will learn how to properly use the system, including site integration, ad formats and control, dealing with competition over appearances and more.

Electronic Mailing

The online marketing mix is incomplete without e-mail. Business distribution lists are routed in order to maintain business-client relations, ongoing marketing and advertising of special offers, discounts, coupons, products, new services and more. It is important to know how to work with e-mail systems and how not to lose clients by spamming their mailboxes.

Media Acquisition and Sales

All digital professionals seek to spread out and optimally advertise the business, its branding, products and services. The Google advertising network is not always enough. One must search for additional media options that can provide high exposure, leads and sales. The trick is knowing how to calculate campaign costs, properly distribute various media budgets, properly manage the advertising efforts and know how to properly purchase and sell ad space on various websites and the best payment model (CP/LPC/APC/CPM). Preparing and executing original and correct creative messages, price quote analysis, media reservation and working with systems such as Double Click. Students will learn all of this and more throughout the program, where the final goal is to understand how digital advertising works and to start working and thinking like a small advertising agency.

Legal Aspects

Students will be introduced to the legal issues they must pay attention to as digital professions and how to cope with legal problems relating to creators’ rights, intellectual property, slander and libel vs. freedom of expression online, digital rights management technologies and more.

Real Time Bidding - RTB

Programmatic advertising helps us automatically purchase ad space on different websites using advanced tools. The method changes the traditional rules of purchasing media directly from the sites. Nowadays, you can appear on Israel’s largest websites, such as Walla! and Ynet or portals around the world, knowing how much you pay for advertising at any given moment and optimizing the message without contacting a human factor. The course will introduce Real Time Bidding operations, how to precisely direct the audience, method advantages and terminology: Ad DSP, DPM, SSP and operations of the Israeli ILX Exchange.

Marketing Automation

Data and automation systems are developing at a whirlwind rate. Using various programs, students can create an automatic marketing system that can save the company a great deal of money. This lecture will review and analyze the field, including the use of business Chatbots. Students will learn how to impact the number of leads and eventually increase sales using automatic tools. All while concurrently implementing other methods studied in the course.

How does the track work?

Study Hours and Scope: 439 study hours + 150 final project hours

The study hours will be integrated within the degree program as follows:

Year I | No change (requirements only)

Year II-III | An additional study day (Thursday) 17:00-22:00

Track 1: 09:00-14:00 | Track 2: 17:00-22:00

Business Administration and Management Project electives will be converted to program courses.

Enrollment and Admission to the Digital Marketing Track

In order to be accepted to the Digital Marketing Program (major in Marketing), candidates must undergo a personal interview examining their basic suitability to working in a computerized environment and their orientation with digital marketing and advertising.

Final Diploma and Certification

Upon completing the program, students will be granted a Social Media and Digital Marketing Manager certificate from the Peres Academic Center, together with HackerU. In addition, students will be able to take the certification exams issued by Google and Facebook.

“The course with HackerU is very practical, helping us to easily take leading positions in digital marketing. The experienced lecturers and professional enrollment process render the course a true springboard into the labor market.”

Or Ozeri, Undergraduate student of Business Administration

“It’s not just another degree with a marketing major. It’s the most comprehensive track in Israel along with an undergraduate degree and, most importantly, it offers guaranteed hi-tech employment.”

Evyatar Avital, Undergraduate student of Business Administration

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