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8 Study Programs

B.A in Business Administration

The Peres Academic Center’s bachelor degree in business administration was formulated by the leading lecturers, businessmen and experts in Israel, with the realization that in the ever-changing and challenging world of technology, and in a field that is in essence multi-disciplinary, students must be allowed to tailor a degree from themselves, which will allow them to establish their career path as managers and businesspeople over the course of their studies
Degree Plus
Company Course
The best lecturers
Career development
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B.A in Health System Management

The Bachelor's degree in Health System Management provides the necessary knowledge and tools for coping with the challenges posed by the healthcare system in Israel, which is considered one of the more complex systems in the public service. The course was established and developed by Professor Yoram Belcher, a senior executive in the healthcare system. Accordingly, the course also deals with the practical and current challenges facing the various Israeli Healthcare systems.
Company Course
Degree plus
Evening classes
Development and career
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B.A in Behavioural Sciences

The Bachelor's degree in Behavioural Science involves the study of individuals, their personality and environment, and imparts knowledge and tools for a variety of occupations in high demand in the fields of education, marketing, consulting and management. The bachelor’s degree also enables students to continue their education in a variety of Master’s degree programs. The curriculum focuses on understanding emotions and thought processes, as well as scientific engagement in the diagnostic and treatment processes.
The best lecturers
Career preparation
Tailor fit to your needs
Degree Plus - course in biofeedback
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BSc in Nutritional Sciences

The Bachelor's degree in Nutritional Sciences provides extensive academic knowledge and practical experience in the field of nutrition, with the aim of training the next generation of clinical dietitians and nutritionists in the community and in academic settings, who are in increasing demand in Israel. The curriculum, which was formulated in an integrative manner, combines extensive general knowledge in the field of Nutritional Science, with a specific focus on the clinical fields.
Unique curriculum
Modern laboratories
Evening classes
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Bachelor of Laws (LLB)

The Bachelor of Laws is a prestigious degree and necessary ticket into world of law, and in addition, also gives students extensive knowledge and practical skills that can be utilized in a variety of jobs in various fields, including executive management positions. The curriculum connects the law related content to additional disciplines, which provide students with significant added value.
The Companies Track
Preparation for internship interviews
Fast track Master’s degree – only 4 years!
Evening track
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MA in Organisational Consulting and Development

The Master's degree in Organizational Consulting opens doors to senior positions in organizations and serves as a basis for a career as a self-employed consultant in this ever-developing field. The degree is multidisciplinary and provides tools and skills in the wide range of topics currently required by those providing consulting services to companies and organizations.
The practical curriculum
Unique and convenient study track
Faculty members who are leaders in their field
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MA in Educational Psychology

Educational Psychology is a prestigious branch of psychology, which over recent years has regained its previous standing. Not only does the degree open the door to a steady career, rather also provides a wide range of tools and skills in the field of education, learning disabilities, and early childhood that will allow practitioners to bring about change in society.
A team of leading lecturers headed by Professor Malka Margalit, recipient of the Israel Prize in the field of Educational Research.
Unique and convenient study track
Practical Curriculum
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MBA in Business Administration

The Master's degree in Business Administration is designed to provide its graduates with tools that will prepare them for senior management positions in private businesses and in public organizations. The program is suitable for Bachelor’s degree holders, interested in expanding their knowledge and skills in strategic business administration.
Company Course
Degree Plus
Evening classes
Training for senior management positions
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6 Companies Plans

Company Course

An innovative curriculum with senior executives from leading Israeli companies, which provides practical knowledge and real tools that will make you fall in love with your career.

15 Certificate plans

Degree plus

A clear advantage in the job market!

The Degree Plus track is unique to the Peres Academic Center. The programme provides students with an applied certificate in addition and simultaneously to the degree. This certificate provides graduates with both unique skills and a significant advantage in the job market

You can choose from a variety of certificate plans:

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Peres Plus

5460 Graduates

Our Graduates

Ophir AgamiGraduates of Behavioural Sciences

My university experience was empowering; the centre gave me many tools for developing both personally and professionally. The experienced lecturers bring a lot of their experience into the classroom and provide solutions on every level - whether study related or on professional or personal levels.
During my second year, I worked as a rehabilitation councillor at a hostel for the mentally ill and volunteered at "Agudat Nitzan"- The Israeli Association for Children and Adults with Learning Disabilities. During my third year I did field-work at the Azur Ppsychological Services, I volunteered at "Yad le Yeled Meyuchad" and served as a research assistant for two professors at the centre.
I aim learn and evolve constantly in order to help promote equal rights in the areas of learning disabilities and ADHD. In the future, I hope to open a private clinic and school with the intention of providing students with tools to cope with learning disabilities in the best way possible.

Ido Ianbinder Behavioural Science graduate with a Master's degree in Organizational Consulting and Development.

Behavioural Science graduate with a Master's degree in Organizational Consulting and Development.
The Peres Academic Center feels like a boutique institution and is my academic home. The special thing about it is the combination of professionalism and a high academic standard with the feeling of being at home. You will meet lecturers with very impressive track records here, and yet they treat you as equals and show real interested in you.

My tip for beginner students: use all of the many tools offered by the center - they are on your side, they’re there for you and they will lead you to success.

Lizzie ElkabasMBA in Business Administration

I chose to study at the Peres Academic Center because it allows me to combine work, parenting and studies. The lecturers are knowledgeable and experienced in the business world and the people here are amazing!
I chose to study Organizational Consulting and Development because I started a business six years ago and it was important for me to learn and to acquire tools in addition to the experience I've accumulated.

My tip for beginner students: come with an open mind, enjoy school and don't think you know everything.

Ido WapnerMBA in Business Administration

I chose to study at the Peres Academic Center because the lecturers are excellent, the staff is professional, the arsenal of tools I received during my studies is massive, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.
I chose to study Business Administration with a specialization in marketing because nowadays everyone needs to learn sales and marketing! Business Administration provides a wide range of tools for understand the business sector. How to make complex decisions, how to formulate a business plan, etc.

My tip for beginner students - explore, explore and explore. If you decided to pursue an academic degree, invest in your personal development! Go to conferences, stay up to date with what's happening in the industry and find a mentor who will accompany you throughout the process.

Amit Ben Sahl Bachelor of Laws

The degree exposed me to different outlooks on the world. This degree is also important for those who don't want to practice law in the future. It is a think tank and makes you delve into things you normally wouldn't.
The lecturers at the Faculty of Law are first rate. They speak from experience in the field and which is priceless. In addition, they are always very prepared for lessons and teach in a clear and understandable fashion. The promise of "personal attention" is definitely upheld here at The Peres Academic Center.

Keren MemanB.A in Business Administration, currently pursuing a master’s in Organizational Consulting and Development.

Being a student at the Peres Academic Center means learning because you enjoy it, not because you have to.
A student at the Peres Academic Center is enveloped in professionalism, support and love.
I chose to study business administration because it is a programme that combines all aspects of the business sector and it is very practical for business in the outside world.
My tip for beginner students: make an effort, persevere, try to get tools from the lecturers here, you will have access to them whenever you want - the door is always open here. Don't hesitate to continue immediately on to your master’s degree at the Peres Academic Center – which will definitely become your second home.
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