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The Peres Academic Center attracts a special type of faculty member - those interested in innovation and academic adventure. Social Responsibility–at the heart of PAC–attracts people with a conscience, those who want a better society where profit and greed give way to justice and equality. Young, dedicated scholars are drawn to PAC, hungry to prove themselves and willing to work in a host of multidisciplinary programs.


About 200 outstanding scholars have been recruited to faculty benches, with more lining up as PAC expands.


Enter a PAC class and you will witness active debate, argument, and frequent challenges to conventional thinking. Students don’t sit idly by being spoon-fed by professors.

Theory is absorbed, but wrung through the mill in the battleground of the classroom, as enquiring students strive for understanding. In addition to younger, post-army students, graduate classes include medical doctors, lawyers, air force pilots, and a plethora of other professions attracted to PAC because of its youthful spirit.


Two types of scholarships are available at PAC, those provided for academic merit, and others, for students from impoverished backgrounds. As a nonprofit organization that receives no subsidies or government funding, PAC must rely on private donations
to provide scholarships for these students. Donations to PAC’s scholarship funds are therefore greatly appreciated.

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