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Social Programs

It is in the realm of social accountability that the Peres Academic Center comes into its own.
Faculty and students promote community consciousness in the entire ambit of their activities.

Cooperation with NGOs
To reinforce its commitment to social awareness and instill a profound sense of community responsibility, the Peres Academic Center actively encourages students, staff, and industry to assist local and national charities in their work. Projects have taken place with a growing list of charities including Nitzan, (children with learning disabilities), Elem (youth in distress), Ba’it Ham (assisting the underprivileged). Students and academic staff are encouraged to volunteer for one of the 20 charities involved with PAC.

Raising the Gauntlet on Social Issues
The Peres Academic Center prides itself not just in social awareness, but in active participation. When challenging issues arise in public debate, the Center’s faculty and students don’t stand on the sidelines – they roll up their sleeves and get involved –especially in issues concerning human rights.

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