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Abut the peres academic center

The Peres Academic Center aims to educate top class students, not only to serve Israel, but to do so with one eye on their career, the other on social responsibility.


Through carefully crafted programs and a groundbreaking curriculum, we are creating a new type of graduate–one who seeks professionalism, but not at the expense of a sustainable community and environment.

We are proud of our achievements so far. In a few short years we have evolved from a dream, to a college of 3,500 students. We have done this through hard work, vision and the dedication of a group of enthusiastic and innovative specialists.

The town of Rehovot–renowned for its prestigious academic institutions–is a place where active minds stimulate, question and enquire, where scientists delve, probe, and examine, where new initiatives flourish, and great ideas flow.


In this stimulating atmosphere another innovator has emerged; an academic institution with a social conscience–one that is producing managers, researchers and highly-skilled professionals for the new millennium.

The Peres Academic Center
The Peres Academic Center, established in 2006, is a pioneer in new learning techniques, a protector of human values, and a place where academics and students meet to explore ideas and share their common belief in moral objectives.

PAC graduates–the leaders of tomorrow–learn not to exploit those around them, but to profit from responsibility.


The Center focuses on Corporate Social Responsibility and Community Involvement, and on bringing responsible performance to business. It emphasizes ethics in commerce and industry, adding dimensions of care, attention and compassion.

PAC is a nonprofit, nonpartisan institute of higher education, approved by Israel’s Council for Higher Education to grant undergraduate and graduate degrees.


It follows the educational vision of Israel’s President, Shimon Peres, aspiring to the highest ideals:
PAC graduates are intense, competent and energetic – while keeping an eye on social justice, fairness and compassion

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