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Cooperation with Industry

No amount of academic study will prepare a student for the real world as much as practical application. That is why Peres Academic Center students are exposed to the real world throughout their studies. Senior managers from Israeli industry
have been recruited to make their knowledge available.


As a central part of their studies, students are assigned a practical project that raises real commercial issues and questions. During meetings with business mentors, students are grilled, harried and questioned, made to think in practical terms while discussing ideas, solving problems, and raising more problems.

With good chemistry, a by-product of this interaction might be a job offer on graduation, or at least a useful contact for future networking.


Mentors include, among many others:


Dr. Efrat Baron-Harlev, Deputy Director, Shneider Children’s Medical Center

Yoram Gabai, Chief Economist, Peilim Investments

Elon Herzikowitz, Chairman & CEO, Isfar Investments

Nir Lampert CEO, Golden Pages

Rami Levi, Owner and CEO, Rami Levi Hashikma Marketing

Matti Morgenstern, Businessman, former CEO of ZIM International Shipping

Liora Ofer, Businesswoman

Raviv Zoller, Director-General, Bituach Yashir

Employment Fair
A regular event on the PAC calendar is its annual Employment Fair where HR

representatives from Israeli corporations present their companies to prospective new employees. In preparation for the Fair, students are trained to prepare an effective resumé, in interviewing techniques, appearance, and all other aspects of presenting themselves in today’s competitive world.

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